Huawei to Focus on Indian Market Prior to 4G Roll Out

April 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After finding western markets turning more hostile towards them for alleged covert connections with Chinese military, telecommunication equipment maker Huawei is training their horses to focus more on Asian markets, especially India, where the 4G networks are on schedule for an imminent roll out.

Huawei calculates that they can take advantage of the benefits of the early bird if they show up at the scene prior to the roll out.

India is way ahead of the UK in rolling out 4G plans with private players like Reliance Communications scheduling their 4G network roll out in select cities, as early as mid 2012.

Keeping this in mind, Huawei is scaling up its India presence by escalating man power, technology and investment.

However, the Chinese firm already has a moderate presence in the Indian market with its largest research and development firm outside China running in Indian IT hub, Bangalore.

So far the Indian experience of Huawei was very promising, with the firm reaping a 45 percent of market share in supplying telecom equipment to Indian players.

According to reports from local Indian press, the Chinese firm has made some $1.2 billion from its Indian attempts  in last year and expects a 40 percent rise in its revenue this year.

Huawei was successful in clinching orders from many major Indian players including Tata Communications when the country witnessed the 3G networks coming out. The company also enjoys a dominant position in its home turf in its competition with rival ZTE.

However, Huawei has recently been shooed away from acquiring two US firms and their interest to bid the National Broadband Network project in Australia was turned down by the Australian authorities with concerns over national security.  It is yet to be seen, if those allegations will cross over to Huawei’s Indian dreams too.

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