Apple iPhone Capable of Deep Water Shooting, Thanks to TAT7 Case

April 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s iPhone has created many records ever since inception. But none have thought that its camera could be used for deep water shooting, until the invention of the new high quality waterproof TAT7 Case. The TAT7 Case has completely redefined the phone’s destiny.

If you would remember, the FourPro iPhone housing looked really amazing when it was initially featured at Kickstarter last year. Unfortunately, it didn’t realize its goal at that time.

And, since then, no one has ever talked about it either. Later, a Life Proof case showed up in markets, but it withstood only up to 6.5 meters. And its price was too high for the job it does: $80.

Now, as if setting deeper goals, a $90 TAT7 Case has been revealed. Adaptable on the iPhone 4 and the 4S, the case can be dipped to a depth of 100 feet. That means you can click photographs deep under water. One glitch, however, is that its touch screen facility would be left inaccessible.

Don’t panic too much, as Siri is functional even with the TAT7 Case.  Just make sure you have a full face mask that covers your mouth so you can talk freely. [Editor’s note: We don’t know if Siri can understand “bubbly” underwater talk.]

Users will have to use manual functional keys to operate the device when they go under water. The iOS 5.1 update has changed how the camera interface worked with earlier versions.

The TAT7 Case users are advised to keep their device in sleep mode to save battery, and they must disable auto lock features while going under water.

Make sure that you abide by the conditions before going for the TAT7 Case.

Use the case at your own risk, as the manufacturer may not replace the device if anything goes wrong. They will replace your case, if they are convinced that it was defective before your first use. So, do you want to go diving  now?

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