Angry Birds Animation Series Out This Autumn; Movie on Big Screen in 2014

April 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Angry Birds cannot contain themselves, being restricted to the small screens with all their fury against the nasty pigs.

Their anger is taking them beyond the screens of your tablets to the big screen.  It will take around two years for them to fly to the movie theaters sometime in 2014. But before they hit the cinemas, the anger of the birds will come out packed in 52 episodes of an animated series for small screen devices very soon.

Talking about the future plans of this most popular game app which debuted on the iOS platform, Rovio Mobile, developers of the game admitted that they are working on animated shorts related to the game to be released this autumn.

The weekly animation series will have 52 shorts each being two and half or three minute’s in length. The series may hit all the small screen devices, including smartphones and tablets. Rovio Mobile is in the process of developing a video app for distributing the video content.

Finding the project so ambitious, Samsung has already announced an app for their Smart TV internet connected televisions which will fetch you the Angry Birds video in no time.

With the animation series and a 2014 destined movie project in pipeline, Rovio Mobile is planning to reap the potentials of its popular game by expanding to other forms of commercial content.

It was for this purpose, that the developer firm has bought Kombo, an animation establishment with Finnish origins June last year.

Brilliant animation and interesting game scenario are the crucial factors which resulted in the popular acceptance of the game. The same reasons are expected to make the animation series a big hit on small screens.

The Rovio circles have also hinted that new games which have no connection with Angry Birds are also in pipeline.

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