Apple MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge Chips to Go in for Mass Production in April

March 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though it is the time of small portable devices like tablets and smartphones, we still have a world of laptops and desktops behind us, where parties are thrown when much anticipated devices are launched.

Here we have some hints that one of the most anticipated devices in this category is heading up towards its mass production point to march out of the factories in large numbers. The name is  an Apple one.

MacBook Pro is moving faster towards the point where all the discussions and blue prints on designs and features are confirmed with only the assembling remaining. With Intel launching the Ivy Bridge league of its new generation processor chips in April, the new-generation portable computer from Apple which is being powered by the same chips also will hit the mass production lines.

Though the machine is yet to hit the assembly lines in plants run by Apple‘s upstream manufacturing partners in April, rumors are rife about the features of the upcoming machine. Though there is no official conformation so far, it is heard that the rig will be packing a 15 inch display. The news on the wind says that the new bro will come out thinner and sleeker than the current machine.

However, what about the name? If we go by the ‘iPad 3’ example, the new gen device will simply end up being called A New MacBook Pro, right? But there are fewer chances for Apple to move from the usual name when it belongs to one of its conventional products, so let’s call it just MacBook Pro.

[Editor’s rumination: I wouldn’t put it past Apple to call it the Pro MacBook.]

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