Apple 5-Inch Retina Display Device Rumored; Smaller iPad or Bigger iPhone?

March 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Either of the two is getting ready under cover in Apples inventories – a smaller iPad or a larger iPhone. We have no clear info with us to zero in on any one of these possibilities. But evidence has emerged that the iGiant is prepping a 5 inch Retina Display device for launch.

Apple rumors know no bounds. Talk was rife that the Cupertino player plans to make a 7 inch tablet device which can be pet named iPad Mini, to check the growth of 7 inch Kindle Fire which is a potent device with amazing market growth.

While certain sources claim that this 7 inch device still in pipeline, the new rumor hints about the presence of a 5 inch wider device with the high quality Retina Display.

Though sources are not clear about the exact specs of the device, they promise that the rig will hit the markets by next year. Two possible resolutions are rumored for this device. It may carry a 1600 x 960 pixel screen or a display with 1280 x 960 pixel resolution.

Though we don’t have clear evidence at this point of time, it is logical to think that such a device in reality will compete with Galaxy Note, which has touched a 5 million units mark in sale so far.

Well, but the resolutions hinted by the rumors will make things difficult since they did not fit into the existing iOS resolutions. In that way, it can even lead to fragmentation of iOS apps. So we need more time to confirm whether such a device actually exists in Apple’s roadmap. What do you think?

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