Sprint Will Not Launch New WiMAX Devices

March 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sprint will no longer launch WiMax devices. Though WiMax devices contributed a lot to the company’s revenue, the decision was taken in wake of the company’s leap into newer sectors in communication and information technology.

Previously, the carrier had promised customers that they will continue to offer 4G WiMAX devices through 2012 and extend support to the service through 2015.

We however hear Sprint leaves 4G WiMAX to embrace more advanced 4G LTE technology, which is included in the company’s ambitious Network Vision project.

The advancement of 4G LTE is commencing in the US at an alarming pace, and the company needed more focus in that sector to combat the tough competition from other prominent carriers.

Bob Azzi – Senior Vice President of Networks at Sprint – said Sprint wrapped up final fields tests of the newer technology, and the company aims at extensive installation of the module.

He asserted that the team is very much satisfied as the 4G LTE technology delivers much more that what was expected out from it.

The company’s Network Vision project is expected to bring in about 50 percent reductions in cost on delivery of data and voice. More people will get attracted to price reduction.

Currently, around 6000 people are associated with the project. The project is expected to get completed by the end of 2013.

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