Nikon Digital Camera Bracket FSB-UC Out for Coolpix Series Cams

March 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nikon has just unveiled a new item from their inventory, and we think it has all in it to lure shutterbugs who are more concerned about clicking celestial bodies or photographing the micro world visible through field microscopes.

Actually, the new Digital Camera Bracket FSB-UC belongs to Nikon Vision, a subsidiary of the big name Nikon in the snap machine making business.

Aiming at the camera in the Coolpix series, the new product allows the camera to be used with telescopes and microscopes to take pictures of the outer space bodies as well as microbes found on the mounted slides under a microscope.

Optimally designed for digiscoping with Nikon Fieldscopes and Fieldmicroscope, the FSB-UC helps connect them to compact cameras to deliver shake-free crystal clear pictures.

To add to the convenience of the users, the new Digital Camera Bracket FSB-UC is designed in such a way to allow user to replace batteries of the camera right when it is attached to a Fieldscope, or Fieldmicroscope.

Though the feature will not be functional with all models in the Coolpix series, users can remove or replace the recording media of the cam the same way in some models.

As you can see it the pictures, the product has a light shielding rubber sheet. It helps minimizing the effect of harmful, incoming rays and glare while used with a telescope.

The cable release, which is roughly 50cm long, prevents camera shake during shooting. Overall, the rig  measures 133 × 131 × 94 mm (without screws) and is very handy with a 300 gm weight. Wouldn’t you also want one of those?

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