Asus Transformer Prime Wins Name Battle Against Toy Robot Maker Hasbro For Now

March 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Federal Court judge who delivered the judgment in the case of toy maker Hasbro suing Asus for its Android tablet Transformer Prime seems to have had a good time doing his judgment-cum-gadget review.

The toy robot maker has sued the Android tablet maker for having a name too close to one of their toy products. Hasbro developed a Transformer Prime animated TV series in 2010 with Optimus Prime as the central character.

Then onwards, the Transformer Prime toy became popular and was used in computer mouse, USB storage drives and such gadgets.

Though the issue has made it into the media headlines late last year when the toy maker sued Asus, the judge has made the decision in favor of the Android tablet maker saying that a plastic toy robot is less likely to suffer issues from a similarly named high-end tablet since both differ in their use and functionalities.

The ruling also justifies Asus by saying that the company is right to use the word Transformer with its product since the tablet transforms to a laptop computer when attached to the QWERTY keyboard dock.

Indeed a logical judgment. The court has also noted that Hasbro has waited too long to act on the issue. However Hasbro is not going home and sit peacefully with that judgment.

They claim to launch Transformer Prime merchandise this month and plan to drag the case by continuing to the trials.

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