Asus and Acer Find Positive PC Shipments; Lenovo and HP to Start Own-Brand Showrooms like Apple

March 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Unlike the usual trend, major Windows PC makers like Asus and Acer are showing indications of coming back into the picture after a terrific 2011 as far as market growth is concerned.

Reportedly avoiding the usual post-holiday slump, Asus and Acer are having a strong growth in notebook February shipments which, in all possibility, will go up in March too.

This unexpected growth will help them showcase better figures in the first quarter of this year. Though a 10 percent drop in Acer’s shipment is already predicted, it will still find 6.2 million units getting shipped which are indeed higher than the 5.9 million units they were able to ship in last quarter of 2011.

Asustek is also expecting positive outcomes in the first quarter of this year. Due to the unexpected growth in shipments, Asus will find its sequential drop of 20 percent coming down to a 10 percent fall.

While Apple competitors in the PC market are expecting  a positive quarter ahead, two major players – HP and Lenovo – are planning to go Apple’s way of starting own-brand retail outlets to market their products rather than depending on other retailer chains.

Lenovo currently has five own-brand stores in Taiwan and is planning to start 1000 similar stores in Asia. HP is also planning to push aggressively in that direction too. They are about open their eight full service centers in Asia at Taipei and will expand the numbers soon.

Apple enjoyed a 42.6 percent growth in its revenue from Apple Stores during last quarter of 2011. It constitutes 13.2 percent of the iGiant’s total revenue now.

Dedicated showrooms will help enhance brand image considerably through decorations and proper communication. At the same time, they will avoid competing with rivals for customer attention, as in a retailer chain like Best Buy.

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