Apple iPhone 5 Order Reaches Foxconn; Massive Recruitment On to Keep Launch Date within 2012

March 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

 The new iPad is out there for you to pick. So the next target for rumor mongers is obviously about the upcoming iPhone 5.

As usual, the reports from rumor mills close to the upstream supply chains from China hint that Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner Foxconn has received massive orders for manufacturing iPhone 5 units.

Foxoconn, infamous for their sweatshops that assemble Apple’s expensive products, is hiring a massive work force to carry out the order on time. The Foxconn unit at Taiyuan specifically is handling the iPhone order and is looking for some 20,000 workers for the job.

Many rumors have already claimed that the new iPhone device will be released tinto the marketplace this year. The pattern in which Apple had rolled out new devices in the iPhone series in the past justifies such chances to some extent.

To make things faster, Foxconn is planning to bring up 20 recruitment centers in and around Taiyuan to gather the necessary work force for the iPhone 5 operation.

However, since a workers’ strike is reportedly going on in the same place it is not clear if the recruitment is for filling the gaps or for replacing the existing workers to carry out the iPhone 5 orders from Apple.

Whatever be the reason, the point is that things are at blazing pace with Apple’s supply chain and we, in all likelihood, will see the iPhone 5 this year.

Well, what we are wondering now is if it will come in nano-SIM compatible form. What do you think?

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