Apple iPad Battery Charging Secret Explained, No More Worries on a Less Charged Battery

March 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There was a lot of hue and cry about the battery performance of the new iPad. Longer charging hours was a common issue and the suspected inability of the device to charge the battery to its fullest even when it shows a 100 percent level made it worst. After the usual silence, Apple has now come out with an explanation.

The trick is about the way Apple makes its devices to get charged. When the device is plugged to the power source and the battery is almost charged to hundred percent, the trick happens.

The device will then show that the battery is hundred percent charged, but in fact it will continue charging the battery to hundred percent. Then it will discharge it a bit and then again will charge it till it is back to 100 percent. The cycle goes on till the device is unplugged from the power source.

The iOS devices are made in this way to allow them keep an optimum charge. This way the device is not harmed, even when you leave it plugged to the power source.

Apple representatives also point out that regardless of this process and the point at which you unplug the charger, the device offers 10 hour battery life as claimed by the company, if it shows hundred percent charge.

In short, the battery may be fully charged or not, but it will give you 10 hour battery life if the indicator shows hundred percent charge. It was to avoid confusion that the actual battery charging level is not shown to the users, said Apple circles.

Apple’s explanations are enough to end the confusion but we feel that it is high time for gadget makers to find out some cost effective battery technology which can perform better than the present Li-ion batteries. All the newer devices are turning into big power hogs.

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