Windows 8 May Start Retailing This October

March 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, there is no dearth of rumors about the potential release dates of much-anticipated product releases, until the gadget or software update comes out officially. That is also the case with the upcoming Windows 8.

The new platform has come out as a public beta, but that is not enough reason to abstain from speculation, since it is not yet clear when it will hit stores with all its glory.

An earlier rumor speculated that the Windows 8 will be finished in the summer and will hit the shelves in October.

However, the latest of the rumors claim that the new package from MS will reach the Release Candidate stage by the end of May or the beginning of June.

Though both these rumors differ by a month or two in their claims, their speculation is in line with Microsoft’s past pattern of rolling out updated platform versions.

During the release of Windows 7, the incumbent Windows platform, initial preview happened almost an year before, with a public beta in the first quarter of the next year. Windows 7 reached the release candidate stage at the mid-year and was released in the fall.

Though the outline may seem identical, they are not the same. Windows 7 went for preview in October 2008, and the beta came in January 2009. It took it till May 2009 to reach the release candidate stage and completed the final build in late July that year.

The retail availability of Windows 7 started in October 2009. Windows 8 came for preview in September 2011, but it took it till February this year to get to the beta version.

So only if Microsoft runs the time tables faster, we will see a June release. While XP and ancestors had just two months between RTM and retail availability, it was three months for Vista and Seven. In that case, we expect an October release for Windows 8 to be on the safer side.

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