Siri Not Used Daily by Majority of iPhone 4S owners, Says Study

March 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you have Siri right by your side to assist you? If yes, how often you ask her a thing or two? A recent study about Siri use shows that less than one third of the Apple iPhone 4S users are using Siri on a daily basis for calls, texts and for searching.

Though the study was held among a small sample of 482 users, Park Associates – who conducted the study – found that the major tasks people have given to Siri were to make calls, send text messages and running searches on the web.

However, 26 percent of the owners who participated in the study told that were using Siri to dictate email almost every day.

A vast majority of the iPhone 4S owners have never tried certain features of Siri. While 30 percent never tried the e-mail option, 32 percent never tried the Music feature. A total of 35 percentage of the respondents in the study never tried to meet friends by making a calendar entry through the Meeting Point feature of the intelligent voice assistant.

However, about 87 percent of the iPhone 4S users said they are using Siri at least once in a month.

If we consider the satisfaction level of the users, responses are mixed. While 55 percent are happy with Siri, only 9 percent was unhappy with it.

When asked about a possible voice guided Apple TV, only 37 percent of the people who took part in the study supported the idea clearly while 20 percent actively opposed it.

The figures are mainly due to the beta state of Siri and its inability to carry out certain tasks, the analysts say.

Moreover, rival applications like Android Voice Actions still enjoy an edge over Siri, say, for launching an individual app.

Now tell us, how often do you use it?

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