NVIDA Kepler GTX 680 GPU Aims at Future Super Phones

March 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chip makers are not playing an easy game out there. Planning for a chip actually takes considerable time which can span up to a few years and if the planning is not up to the mark, you will find the chip has no demand when it comes to the market after all those years.

The story is same and hard behind the birth of NVIDIA GTX 680 chip in its much anticipated Kepler series, which was released into the marketplace the other day.

It took four long years of on-schedule effort from the NVIDIA workforce to bring it out well.

An email from the company’s top boss to the employees who have worked hard to make the chip hit the market with all of its cutting edge features at the right time reveals the effort behind a successful chip. However, it reveals company’s plan for this chip too.

The email indicates that NVIDIA has high hopes on its new chip and think there will be takers in multiplatform. They hope that the chip will migrate even to super phones in the future, apart from luring the gamer community out there.

GTX 680 chip is undoubtedly one of the best GPUs available in the market now. The 28 nanometre chip making process NVIDIA has opted for it, makes it crunch down high graphics like a wizard.

However, now the wizardry is something which we can experience only on desktops, but time is not far when we will see some of its power even on phones, if the technology can be successfully integrated into upcoming chips in the Tegra series too.

Well, it is the same hint, which we pick from the happy mail from NVIDIA chief. So now it is your chance to go and read the whole e-mail here

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