Apps Accessing UDID Info Now Being Rejected on iOS Platform

March 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has started some cleaning process, which may put many of the apps on its platform in a real soup.

As part of their plan to remove apps, which access the UDID information of the user device, the review teams at Apple have started rejecting such apps on its platform.

UDID is the unique identification numbers that are associated with every iPhone or iPad, which often track down to enable more targeted advertising. This practice has raised furor among the public due to privacy concerns.

Since then Apple has announced it will deprecate UDIDs on iOS 5 and hinted developers to change the nature of the apps some six months ago. Now they have started their work earlier than expected.

Right now, two out of the ten review teams in Apple are rejecting outright any app that accesses the UDID information. It will rise to four out of ten by next week. The number will gradually go up in such a way that all ten teams will start rejecting apps that are still using UDIDs.

Detecting the danger, many developers are trying to switch to using the Wi-Fi router’s MAC address for a specific iOS device’s connection. This too will result in privacy violation since it practically tracks down the position of a device.

Another alternative suggested is the use of an independent standard named OpenUDID. But it needs an opt-in either by the user or the developer which makes it less easy than collecting an existing UDID without any consent from the user.

Apple is already under Congress scrutiny due to the privacy infringement issues raised by apps on its platform. The cleaning process may help it improve its image.

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