Apple Sued by Octogenarian for $1 Million for Breaking Her Nose

March 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever heard of Apple breaking someone’s nose and then being sued for iGiant money? If it hasn’t happened with you, you are lucky (or not if you were looking for easy cash).

But 83-year-old Evelyn Paswall was not that lucky. She has sued the Cupertino giant for $1 million for breaking her nose. Of the total claim amount, $75000 is for medical expenses while the remaining amount goes for punitive damages for negligence.

So how did she break her nose? She was walking into the glass walled Apple Store Manhassett on Long Island and she did not see any glass. As per the suit, the Octogenarian was not able to understand that she was walking into a glass wall and apparently, collided with it and broke her nose.

The suit claims that Apple was negligent not to put enough warnings on the glass wall to avoid such accidents.

The Apple Store has floor to ceiling glass walls. In fact, Apple was very well aware of the problem and had installed white stickers on the glass to avoid such accidents.

But the complainant found such markings insufficient to attract the attention of the passersby to prevent such collisions.

The suit may seem sort of funny to many, but it can be an issue faced by the elderly. However, lot of sparrows may as well join it to make it a class action suit.

Apart from putting white stickers and warnings on the glass, Apple may try developing an app so that it will beep when the user is about to hit with something, so that we may say, ‘Well, there is an app for that now’.

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