Next iPhone will be LTE-Capable, Indicates iOS 5.1 Code [Video]

March 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When the new iPad hit us in reality beyond all the rumors, it had a version with LTE radios on. So it is now almost sure that when Apple comes out with the next iPhone, it too will have the LTE ability.

Though there were a number of rumors coming out regarding this, the latest of them gives us a more reliable indicator towards the possibility.

Guys who dug the codes in the iOS 5.1 found that there are references to LTE in the code. This is interesting since such references were entirely absent from the codes of the earlier iOS versions.

This is clearly a mark of changing future, since LTE was not referred in the very previous build of the iOS which was known as iOS 5.0. But now when they have upgraded to the very next version, LTE references popped up.

So, that means future devices from Apple will have LTE enabled versions. They earlier also considered such an option but with the issue of the power drain with the devices, it was reportedly delayed. But with the new iPad, that problem seems to be solved to some extent.

There were other indicators as well, with major network carrier Verizon; recently declaring that they will sell only LTE-enabled devices on their network as part of the roll out of their fourth generation networks.

Such a carpet ban is considered as an indirect confirmation that big players like Apple will have a LTE enabled device when they roll out a new product in the future.

Now watch the video below to find the LTE references in the iOS 5.1 yourself.

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