Leica M9-P Limited Edition Digital Cam Out; Costs a Staggering $31,729

March 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Leica is a legendary German name in the art of making shutter machines. They have now unveiled hot pieces of a limited edition device from their stables.

The most notable thing with this camera is not its specs or features – it’s the price. It is not something which anybody can afford. Its price tag shows a staggering 2,620,000 Japanese yen which is equivalent to $31,729. Any bet on that?

The limited edition shutter machine will bean alluring attraction to rich shutterbugs who believe in expensive collectibles. The M9-P digital camera is a real limited edition device, with just 50 pieces available.

The new limited edition rig was launched in connection with the opening of the Leica Daimaru camera store in Tokyo.

Well, going by the specs, it is not very expensive. It is a full-frame rig, which packs a normal 18.5 mega pixel sensor, and brings the usual features that will not make it a dime costlier than $8000. That is the price of the normal Leica M9-P.

However the limited edition rig is different with its special color, casing and the style. To add to the special features of this camera, it packs a silver Nocitlus M f0.95/50 mm ASPH lens.

To stand distinct in the crowd, it has a silver chrome body styling. To suit it, it has white leather on body and a matching strap. The white logo on top of the camera is custom etched.

Now tell us the first word which pops up in your mind to describe the price tag. Ridiculous, right?

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