Asetek Liquid Cooling System for Notebooks Gets an Alienware M18x Prototype [Video]

March 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Liquid cooling systems were untill now a legacy of big desktop devices used by power users, and they have been helping in cooling down excessive heat. But those portable heavy duty machines out there too are in dire need of some cooling up, indeed something beyond the heat sinks and the fans inside. After all folks, you play them on your lap. Don’t get yourself roasted!

So to keep your machines safer, Asetek is planning to bring their liquid cooling technology right down to notebooks, in such a way that the overheating issue will get a cool solution without affecting the portability of the device.

The idea is has turned into a prototype, but it may take some considerable time before you find them in the market.

Asetek thinks that there are a lot of folks out there who want to use the real fire power of their machines on the go, without getting it burnt. So the idea, when it hits the market, will have a lot of takers.

They have tried integrating the cool solution to an Alienware M18x gaming notebook. The rig was the right pick, being a favorite gaming machine without improved cooling technologies.

It’s a real hot machine once you start full throttle gaming. Moreover, the power chip inside the machine is nothing but an Intel Core i7 running  at 3.5 GHz and it is coupled with a dual AMD Radeon HD 6990M chip to crunch down the graphics.

The liquid cooling system which has been integrated into the Alienware M18x circulates through the necessary parts of the machine which usually generates heat while carrying out heavy tasks.

Initial testing showed a performance rise from 18 to 23 percent. So with that, you can go overclocking the rig without worrying about it turning into a chunk of burned silicon and plastic.

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