Facebook Photos in High-Def

March 22, 2012, By George Lang

High definition (HD) photos are coming soon to your Facebook social media experience. Facebook users will be able to upload and view their photos (and everyone else’s, for that matter) in high resolution, and it will happen automatically; i.e., there will be no need to choose between standard and high resolution, as is currently the case .

What does this all mean? It means you should probably put on your makeup before having any photos taken to be posted on Facebook. Every blemish or “imperfection” will be perfectly obvious to all your friends. That said, every beautiful correction made on PhotoShop – before posting – will also be there for all to admire!

For professional photographers inclined to posting finely composed macro-photographs (pictures of very small features), you will love the detailed resolution enabled by the new Facebook changes. Every tiny aspect of your photographs will be brought to the forefront for your audience.

The pictures will be viewable in full screen mode as well, which means you can open it all the way across that eighty two inch HDTV you now have your computer plugged into. Beautiful compositions like this one by Marcus Reugels can be witnessed in all their glory!

German Photographer Marcus Reugels' "World in a Drop"

All the detail, brilliance, and color of your photos will now be on display for all your Facebook friends to see; even if it’s just an old snapshot you took outside your own front door.

Night Photo Taken by the Author on a Rainy Evening

The pictures will be viewable in full screen mode by clicking a pop-up arrow in the upper-right corner of the opened photo; and, when you are finished checking out all the flaws and blemishes on your friends photos – and it’s time to post a comment – remember, what goes around, comes around!


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