Americans Ready to Give Up Sex, Alcohol, Chocolates and Shower for the Internet

March 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What is the most important thing in your daily life that you cannot live without? The answers may vary based on your personal preferences.

But if we are stymied with that question, internet will be a sure item on our top priority list.

Not that we are sort of addicts, but we may manage to do well without many other things, but not internet. Well, that is the case with average US citizens, says a recent study.

The study conducted by Boston Consulting Group has shown that Americans are ready to put away chocolates, alcohol, sex and even showering to keep their internet access, if they are given such an option.

The study which actually looked at the importance of the internet in people’s daily life and its impact on economy revealed that the invisible net means a lot for the majority of the folks.

So its economic potential is also very important in a wider national context. Based on their findings, the study predicts that all the G20 countries will find Internet, accounting for 5.2 percent of their Gross Domestic Product.

Well, if we come down to the individual level, 21 percent of the Americans who have participated in the study said that they would give up sex in a situation where the internet will be taken away from otherwise.

However, other niceties in life like alcohol will be given up by 73 percent of the respondents, while 77 were ready to set aside the chocolates.

On their cost perception, US consumers perceive the annual cost of the internet as $3,000 a year. Most of them spend $472 on apps and services. Tell us now, what you would give up for internet?

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