Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon May Get Android 4.0.5 ICS Update This April

March 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There have been a lot of rumors floating around regarding the necessary bug fixes needed for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices on Verizon.

Both Big Red and Google have been blamed time and again for unnecessarily delaying the bug fixes so far.  But now insider information hint that the carrier is planning bring out the Android 4.0.5 update to the Nexus devices on its network.

black_man_x who has shared many Verizon secrets well before the company goes for an announcement,  has made it known via his tweets that the network is planning to roll out the update. In his tweets, he expresses hope that the update will be hitting the devices by April itself, if plans run as per schedule.

Earlier rumors have even predicted the same saying the update will roll out close to March, based on leaked information.

However, considering the past reliability of the source in relation with Verizon leaks, we feel it can be taken in good faith too.

The bug fix update will improve the performance of the device and will fix many flaws that are presently associated with the device.

It may bring in better battery life. It is also expected to solve the audio reboot issues that were rampant with Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices.

Though the emerging info suggests that it may not bring any changes to the User Interface, the Android 4.0.5 Ice Cream Sandwich update is expected to bring in new radios to the device. Don’t worry, April is way too closer.

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