NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband Service Rolled Out, No-Contract Plans Come Cheap

March 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

To take you to the world of hassle-free browsing, NetZero has started offering their 4G mobile broadband service in over 80 cities. Their value-priced monthly data plans are really hassle free with no activation fees or contracts.

Putting it simple, customers can pick between two levels of service based on speed. The Lightspeed plan gives you up to 1 Mbps for downloads and 384Kbps upstream. This will help you keep your data usage restricted and can enable you to pick the free plan with a 200 Mb monthly usage limit for a year.

But if you are that data eater, you can pick the Warpspeed plan that gives up to 10 Mbps speed downstream while keeping it close to 1.5 Mbps upstream.

While certain price plans are limited to Lightspeed services, the Warpspeed can fetch you blaze pace surfing. However, users can switch between plans by logging into NetZero website, since no contracts are involved.

You can access the service with the NetZero 4G stick that costs $50 or though the NetZero 4G hotspot that comes for double the amount. The latter can manage up to eight devices via Wi-Fi and carries an LCD display and 2200mAh battery.

Other available monthly plans include the basic one, which costs you $10 for 500 MB data usage but is available for only Lightspeed users.

Under the Plus plan, you get 1 GB usage for $20 per month while Pro fetches you double of that for $35. The top plan is the Platinum which costs just $50 with a massive 4 GB monthly data limit.

No throttling or overage charges here. The network will alert you if you are close to the limit. You may either migrate to a better plan or go for top ups or just wait for the next month to start.

However, the service right now offers competitive prices than the non contract plans available for common users.

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