Microsoft Asks Staff to Refrain from Buying Macs and iPads

March 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, how can Microsoft check the growth of Apples product sales in the market? By rolling out a killer product in all the segments in the gadget market? But, that is not happening right now.

But they can certainly ask people in their fold to stop picking up the ‘Apples’.  Now, a leaked email allegedly circulated among the Microsoft staff bans them from buying Macs and iPad devices using company funds.

The email is meant for the staff in Microsoft’s Sales, Marketing, Services, IT, & Operations Group (SMSG), who include the software developer giant’s front-line consumer handling staff and those involved in business sales, support and service sections.

The email informs the staff about a new policy being implemented, which suggests that Apple products should not be purchased with company funds. The mail which allegedly originated from Alain Crozier, the chief financial officer of SMSG, admits that the current level of Apple product purchase is very low and so very little transition work will be needed once the policy comes to place.

Though the company had earlier also banned staff from buying rival’s product in 2009,  when it stopped staffers using company money to buy iPhones, BlackBerry’s and Palm devices after they launched Windows Mobile, they haven’t denied or confirmed the existence of the mail now.

Presently, Microsoft’s  SMSG is known to have a workforce of 46,000 people, which is no big number as far Apple’s collective sales figure are concerned.

But it is easy to understand the policy intentions behind Microsoft’s decision. Even if you go to an MS store to by a PC and find that the guy at the counter working on a MAC, you will find it awkward, right?

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