HeroCraft Scrubs Hidden Object Game Hits Android Devices Free of Cost [Trailer Video]

March 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is high time that you have some ‘Scrubs’ time online. The famous TV sitcom which entertained you on the mini screen is now available for Android owners, with HeroCraft launching the game for Android devices.

Now roaming around in the infamous Sacred Heart hospital picking up hidden objects and carrying out time bound tasks is no more restricted since the game comes free of any charge.

Head to Google Play and download it and start rubbing your shoulders with favorite characters from the show like JD, Turk Carla, Elliot, Cox, and Kelso to carry out your work as a young doctor intern who has just started his carrier.

The hidden object game developed by Hero craft offers varied game play genres through its unlockable mini games which players come across here, adding the necessary quest, adventure and puzzling factors to the detailed graphical animated game.

The locations are just the same, which you have familiarized through the Scrubs show on TV and the developers have given extra attention not to miss the tiniest detail.

So as a young doc, the player has to carry out tasks given by colleagues, at the same time carry out some detective work to find out missing possessions ad misplaced medical facilities or supplies.

A black comedy story line that unfolds in the 11 room scenario of the game has even included the infamous Janitor form the show. With the unlockable mini games, you will be performing complex internal surgeries that can save the lives of a patient or you can opt to go racing with the wheel chairs.

Waste no time and start solving an exciting mystery at the Sacred Heart hospital corridors now.  Get the game here. Also hit the play button below for the trailer.

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