New iPad Retina Display the Best Ever Made on a Mobile Device, Says Analysis

March 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Retina Display buzz going around shows no symptoms of dying down anytime soon as every day tech news mills are continuously coming up with articles about the high resolution display of the latest iPad.

On one side, heated debates are taking place about the pros and cons of the Retina Display; while on the other side, analysts strive to weigh the Retina Display claims of the Cupertino giants.

To be the latest in the line, DispalyMate has just released an analysis on the display of the new iPad and says that the display is actually a top notch one. They have gone to the extent of calling it the best display ever made on a mobile device so far.

They have got their own reasons for doing so. After pitting the Retina Display of the new iPad in a series of comparative tests with the displays of a bunch of existing devices, they have found that the iPad display is really higher one. You can read their complete report here.

Apart from calling it the best one, they go on to suggest the areas of future improvements. Hopefully Apple and other device manufacturers will take a note of it to improve displays and related usability in future.

However, what we feel is that having a top notch display is really great. But the new iPad’s batteries die faster than an iPad 2 if kept in full brightness, thanks to the Retina Display.

If they don’t come out with a better battery technology for the next generation displays, a high resolution top notch display will be a curse with faster dying batteries. How many of you think so?

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