More Samsung Exynos 5250 Details Leak; Packs Next GenMaliT604 MP4 GPU

March 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have got a peek into the chip secrets of Sammy’s house with a leaked slide filling in the missing gaps about the details of the upcoming chip from Samsung – the Exynos 5250.

The crux of the matter hints that the new processor chip will be mated with a next generation T604 Mali GPU.

The Mali T604 chip, as per leaked info stands higher than the already faster Mali-400 chip on Galaxy S II. That means the processor chip will bring a hyper fast experience to users when it comes as part of any device. In short, Samsung is keeping more in the store than what they have showed off so far.

Summing up information from all the available sources, it is understood that the Exynos 5250 will be an A15 core chip with an ability to run up to 2 GHz. It will be powerful enough to move heaven and earth with its dual CPU cores and the four GPU cores of the ARM Mali T-604 MP4 GPU.

The Mali GPU will be a notch above many rivals in the current marketplace with a wider 12, 8 Gbps bandwidth and 2.1 gigapixels rendering bandwidth.

The leaked info also elaborates on the 32 nanometer flawless manufacturing process which makes the chip high-quality.

Destined to start shipping in the spring, the 5250 constitutes a part of the larger Exynos 5 Dual line. The chip is expected to be part of the highly rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6 or the upgrade of the current Samsung Galaxy S II.

However, it is felt that unless Samsung comes out with a suitable battery technology, we will not be seeing the maximum power of this chip combination in a Smartphone device in near future.

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