HTC Remote Support for Android Devices Rolling Out Soon

March 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC will soon extend remote support on their Android devices to help those who find themselves in a mess. HTC has inked a deal with LogMeIn, a name known in the arena of cloud-based remote access support to gadget manufactures to enhance their customer care.

Known as LogMeIn Rescue, the cloud based flagship service allows the customer care staff with HTC to remotely access, configure and solve issues with the devices of their customers through their data connection, in case of a complaint.

The company claims to be able to provide over-the-air support to solve any type of technical issues quickly.

The business will run like this. HTC will include an applet for remote help on their Android devices in the future. Customers can then establish a secure data connection to the customer care center when they are making an active support call.

With the remote access service, the support staff will be able to run diagnostic tests and check on the device, and check its configuration remotely to troubleshoot the issue.

However, HTC has to seek and clarify the carrier support before embedding such an applet with the devices.

LogMeIn already offers similar services though their LogMeIn Rescue service to major players such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

They also have PC and Mac desktop editions in their client fold. Though HTC has not released any clear info on its roadmap of remote support enabled Android devices, we hope they will see the day’s light soon.

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