Twitter and Facebook Are Not Major News Sources for US Adults, Reveals Research

March 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every day we hear a lot about Twitter and Facebook playing the big role in circulating news and information, making media establishments give more focus on social media visibility for their online existence. However, hypes don’t always suit facts.

The latest research outcome from Pew Research Center, one of the major research entities in the US which conduct studies on internet and its use by the public, shows that only a minuscule minority among the US public frequently get their news from services like Twitter and Facebook.

As part of their Project for Excellence in Journalism research, Pew Research Center has found that only 9 percent of American adults get news from their friend networks in Facebook and Twitter.

This is a major embarrassment to pundits who have been hatching out hypes about Twitter revolutionizing the news business. To make their case worse, the study has also found that users tend to get news more frequently from their Facebook network than the Twitter one.

The figures from the study show that search engines like Google still rule the roost with 32 percent people relying on them to access news sources. However 36 percent people among the total 3016 surveyed access news directly from news websites and apps.

The research outcome is actually refuting similar studies conducted by the same academic entity years ago when they found that Facebook is a major referral traffic source for news sites. Well, it’s time for news sites to put down their social media campaigns and focus on plain web search visibility.

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