New iPad Suffers More Overheating than Earlier Ones

March 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Heat has always been an issue with high performance devices, and the new iPad is no exception. Within days of being handed over to the public through Apple stores, forum messages are popping up all over the web about the rig getting uncomfortably warm.

Well, heat is no news with earlier iPads either, but analysts feel that the new entrant has more right to hug the problem as its own, with its unique innards.

We had already reported the details of the innards of the new iPad. It packs a larger battery than its ancestors. Moreover, the rig packs a faster chips to carry out the processes.

The chips consume enough power to make the new iPad heat up more than the earlier ones.  As the batteries are supporting greater loads, they also heat up.

Interestingly, while going through the forum postings on the new iPad, it can be seen that many users are complaining about an uncomfortable warming up on the lower left hand corner when held in the portrait orientation.

Moreover, there are reports about instances where the new iPad just shuts down with a pop up message that says, ‘The iPad needs to cool down’.  At least once, the message came up when the rig was being used in sunlight.

However there is no need to wonder since gadgets like iPads and iPhones do not have a fan inside to make them cool down. Moreover, the operating temperature range for the new iPad is between 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C).

Seems like Apple is aware of the issue too.  There are reports of an Apple staffer confirming that the latest iPad is getting warmer than the earlier ones due to the increased battery size.

But don’t get panicky. At least one guy has reported that the Apple Stores has replaced the device without issues when he complained about the overheating issue.

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