BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets Help City of Cambridge Staff Log On To Cutting-Edge Tech

March 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The City of Cambridge in Canada has decided to take the city departments to the cutting edge as far as use of technology in day-to-day activities is concerned.

Keeping the benefits in mind, they have started providing city the staff with BlackBerry PlayBook tablets for enhancing the asset management and related activates.

The move has come with a collaborative effort from Research In Motion and IBM. Since last June, the city workers have been using the analytics service from IBM named Analytics for City Services and Safety (ACCESS). Now with the collaboration from RIM, it will be easier for them to handle their day’s job.

The new system and the tablet are expected to help workers regulate their capital spending in an optimized manner while renewing the infrastructure and taking on other related activities.

The PlayBooks are expected to help them quickly compile and synchronize information from more than one source simultaneously, thus improving the accuracy and effectiveness of the city workers.

The move is expected to leverage the efficiency of the whole Transportation and Public Works Department which manages some 250,000 Transportation and Public Works assets, and assets of the City of Cambridge like buildings and sewer systems which are worth $1.2 billion.

Though the authorities have not disclosed the number of PlayBook tablets being distributed among the employees, the machines are expected to help the city departments to deploy and retrieve information quickly and effectively.

The deal will also help RIM this quarter, with reports hinting that the PlayBook sales are touching the 1 million mark.

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