Apple TV 3 Teardown Reveals Single Core A5 Chip, 8 GB Toshiba Flash Chip and 512 MB RAM Inside

March 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like a few folks out there cannot help suppress their desire to peek into the secrets inside Apples products. Last week we have told you the details of the innards of the new iPad, when dismantling enthusiasts tore down the very first unit, which went on sale.

Now it is time for some Apple TV fairy tale. An online user has dismantled the Apple TV 3 unit which was released recently to reveal many interesting details about the streaming device from Apple.

Known as aicjofs, this Xbmc forum member found that there are differences and similarities between the last gen APTV devices with the new one. The processor chip turned out to be a single core A5 chip unlike the A4 chip in its earlier version.

The date code son the chip suggests that it was manufactured during the 7th week of this year. It is identified as APL2498 , hinting it is different from the APL0498 processor chip with the dual –core A5 found in iPad 2.

Exploring the juicy innards of the Apple device, it was also found that the rig packs 512 MB RAM which is an upgrade form the 256 MB RAM in last gen Apple TV device. The chip is from Hynix.

For meeting the storage requirement of the OS and buffering video content, it was found to sport an 8 GB chip from Toshiba. This makes no difference with its immediate ancestor.

The tear down has also revealed a second Wi-Fi antenna inside, which was absent in earlier models. We are still not sure about the applications for this second antenna.

Have a look at the juicy innards of Apple TV here and let us know your response.

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