Google Nexus Tablet Speculated to Cost $149

March 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You might remember our earlier report that the new Nexus tablet will come from the joint venture of Google and Asus. That being true, new reports suggest that its price will be much lower than what was expected previously.

The device might come in the range of $149 to $200, instead of $249- $299, which was the previous speculation. The device could arrive out of the factory as early as May.

The new price is much comparable to Amazon Kindle Fire’s and much lower than Apple’s new iPad, which starts at $499. The new Nexus tablet is expected to come with a screen of 7-inchs, and might pack several newer features to surprise people waiting for this much anticipated device.

The new rumors have its roots at a senior supply chain employee, who claims that the information is definite. The source also indicated that a deal between the companies is done, and we can see the device coming in tandem with the stipulated date.

Still it can’t be said, how one can compare the new Nexus tablet with the new Apple iPad. The device might pack ASUS MeMo 370T processor, instead of the much hyped Tegra 3 quad core processor.

While the tablet is waiting to get a name, a confirmation with respect to the new Nexus’s specs requires more time. The device is titled “Nexus Tablet” for the time being.

Stay tuned with us to learn the latest developments surrounding this device.

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