Not All Retina-Ready iPad apps Will Explode in Size, Say Analysts

March 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Retina Display of the new iPad has caused lots of issues for existing apps. You already know how developers have been working overtime to make their apps Retina Display-compatible by the time the iPad comes down to people’s hands. We have also told you that the upgrade may cause apps to balloon in their size.

The issue has caused a lot of concern in the tech specs that the increased size will eat up the available storage space of the new iPad, especially if you are going to pick a smaller version.

But now, emerging information suggests that turning Retina Display compatible need not necessarily make apps massive in their storage size.

The major reason for a jump in size is the amount of high graphic content and media that is associated with an app. For example, the iMovie app has rocketed to a 404 MB in Retina Display version from what was just 70 MB.

But the new version of the app brings along 17 audio tracks of 2 MB and short preview movies which contribute to the total size of the app.

Pages, another app from Apple which jumped from 95 MB to 269 MB, has more than 1000 images as associated files which when converted to Retina Display compatible, makes the app bigger.

If an app has less high graphic content or media, the upgrade will not change the size so much. It can be seen with the case of many apps which have already received an upgrade.

Moreover, not everything can just go up in their size. Apple has set a 2 GB limit to the apps in their store.

So nothing can go beyond it, no matter what HD the app brings in. Obviously, games with lots of graphic content will suffer since some of them like EA’s FIFA’ 11 and ‘12 editions are already more than 1 GB.

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