Lumia 610 Comes Next Month with Wi-Fi Hotspot Unlike Its Big Bros

March 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lumia devices from Nokia have got worldwide acclaim and there are a lot of takers for the devices in this series.

The Finnish phonemaker has decided to spread the Lumia word right down the line to the lower segments of the market with its decision to launch Lumia 610 as a budget model next month.

Though being a budget model, it will have certain interesting features which its expensive siblings like Lumia 800 and 710 do not have.

The major point which caught our eyes is that the rig will bring in the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot ability that will allow it to work as an internet hotspot and manage up to five other devices through Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is not a wonder with Android sets which come with this ability on. However only Windows Mango allowed users the same, and only if the network carrier and phone maker decided to switch the capacity on.

However with Lumia 610, it seems network carriers can not decide on its tethering capacity, since it comes out of the box as a default feature.

Apart from the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, the rig also packs a 3. 7 inch WVGA display which is very helpful to reading text with its special resolution. An 800 MHz coupled with a 256 MB of RAM runs the machine but gives you an almost top notch five mega pixel camera on rear.

It offers an aperture of f/2.2 and allows video capture at 720p.  It also packs face detection, white balance options and an LED flash to assist it in low-light operations.

Though such specs will not attract a power user, we think at least some of the Lumia 800 owners will be pretty jealous about the free tethering 610 kings, right?

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