Google Flight Search Now Includes International Flight Destinations Too

March 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What not to search in Google is a question often popping up these days. It has received more leverage recently with the search giant making their flight search app global.

No matter if you want to head to the Alpsor to Sydney, just hit Google and listen to your luck in reaching the destination through air.

Though the flight search service was around for a while from Google starting right from last September, it was not yet at this global level. But now you can compare and check flights from airports in the US to different parts of the world.

Google has started placing flight information on top for searches which included queries related to flights or routes since September. But it was very much limited to the flight possibilities inside the US. Now you can expand your searches to destinations beyond the US, but you should be starting from any of the US airports.

The move is monopolistic in nature. The expanded facility of Google flight search to locate international flights will be a set back to similar sites that offer travel information and flight search service like Expedia, Priceline and Kayak.

But it is not a new thing for them. They have already time and again expressed their frustration over the service from the search giant. The companies are already depending on Google to bring the results to their users, but the search giant obviously puts the flight search data from its app on the top, causing sales and traffic move away from other sites.

But that has got nothing to do with users. So now it is time to stop the words, and head to the flight search here and start scheduling your rips right now.

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