Apple Third Gen iPad Teardown Reveals Massive Batteries Inside [Video]

March 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The innards of the third generation iPad have been a secret as long as it was inside Apple’s fortress. But the moment they roll out to the public, they are not.

That is why the teardown kings at the iFixit took themselves to Australia and bought the first iPad 3 when it landed on earth via an Apple Store. Eventually, that became the first new gen iPad to be tore open too.

Summarizing the peek into the innards of the new gen iPad from Apple, we can say that it is nothing but a bunch of big batteries. The increased power consumption of the Retina Display and the chips inside has made Apple to slap in a massive 42.5Whr battery.

The first iPad had a 24.8 Whr battery and it became a 25 Whr in the second iPad. With the third generation, it has rocketed to a 70 percent capacity improvement with the new three cell design.

The internal real estate shows that the rumor about Apple finding thinner, power efficient batteries was wrong. Rather, Apple has learned to pack things in a better way.

Apart from the battery secrets, the part numbers on the display panel suggested that it was from Samsung.

Though the grapevine earlier speculated that both LG and Sharp will also get a pie of the display panel supply deal, it seems the first shipment for the launch came from Samsung.

Yes, the 3rd gen iPad has 1 GB RAM, with two 512 MB Elpida LP DDR2 packs soldered together. Another major component which took our notice is the Qualcomm MDM 9600 baseband chip which is the first generation chip that combines HSPA, LTE and EV-DO base chips. This guy is also a reason for the iGiant to slap in that much battery power inside the machine.

Now head to iFixit and have a closer look at a torn down iPad.

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