Amazon Kindle Fire Likely to Overtake iPad Sales by 2016

March 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has no potential rivals in the smartphone and tablet markets. Well, that was the case, but it is changing.

Predictions based on the market performance of different devices in the tablet market say that the story is about to change for Apple.

A potential rival from the Android camp has already risen in the horizon to outnumber Apple’s iPad in market performance.

Though ironic, the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is the cheap Android tablet made by book seller Amazon, is the challenging rival for the iGiant and its tablets.

According to the analysis from research firm IDC, Kindle Fire will overtake Apples’ tablet sales by 2016.

As part of releasing the quarterly tablet and e-reader tracker figures, IDC made such a prediction. It shows that the Kindle Fire was able to claim 16. 8 percent of the total tablet shipments with 4. 7 million units while Apple had 54. 7 percent share with its 15. 4 million units shipped during the fourth quarter of the last year.

Though the shooting up demand for the new iPad is expected to put the estimated tablet sales beyond 106 million units this year, Kindle Fire is expected to overtake iPad sales figures in four years time, as per the analysis.

IDC analysis points out that the cheap price and aggressive marketing gives Kindle Fire more chances.

However, while Apple will keep its position with its devices at high-end and mid-range market, it is the other Android tablet makers like HTC and Motorola who are going to suffer more with the growth of Kindle Fire.

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