Verizon Ups 4G Target to 260 Million; Will Sell Only 4G Devices in Future

March 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon is planning to reach out to more Americans with their 4G LTE network, than they have promised earlier. According to recent statements from the top boss of this major network in the US, they are planning to reach 10 million more Americans with 4G in 2012 than what they thought of earlier.

If you remember, Big Red had earlier projected that they will reach out to 250 million people in 2012 with their 4G LTE network roll out. Now they have added 10 million more to the number and made the actual target for this year 260 million.

Making more rules clear in their plan, the network also declared that they will not sell any devices without 4G capacity in the future.

That means you are not going to find any 3G only phones manufactured by major smartphone makers hitting Verizon. However, the decision will not affect existing 3G-only devices which are on the network now.

Apart from increasing the 4G LTE roll out target, the network is also planning to make 4G LTE available to everywhere it is presently offering its 3G network.

If the network achieves the 260 million mark this year, they will have only 30 million remaining in their existing CDMA network to get 4G.

As part of the move, Verizon will launch 7 new small LTE markets on Thursday and will expand the 4G LTE coverage to 17 existing markets too.

With the confirmation from Verizon that they won’t take anything 3G anymore, we are now pretty sure that Apple is going to put LTE radios in all its upcoming iPhones and iPads.

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