School with No Computer is the Most Sought After in Silicon Valley [Video]

March 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered about the ironies on earth? Your opinions may vary, but we think a school in the tech center of Silicon Valley having no computers at all, will be one among them.

You know who sends their children here? – Mainly parents who belong to the tech industry in the Silicon Valley. Amazed?

The Waldorf School of the Peninsula is a school perfectly designed to avoid technology in lessons and curricular activities of the students during school time. There is not a single computer in these classrooms.

When that can be taken as a major negative point for any school across the globe at a time of technology explosion, it is not the case here in Silicon Valley.

Many a parent employed in the tech industry in the Silicon Valley want to send their children here, since many of them believe there is enough time for students to play with technology outside school and they should accustomed to some real learning during the school time.

The tech-free school of Waldorf believes that the class room should enable the student to go through more natural and social ways of learning.

So unlike their counterparts in other schools who type on their touch pads, students of the Waldorf School of the Peninsula use chalk boards and instead of virtual experiments, they pull ropes on real pulleys.

The idea seems great, especially considering the technology saturation in today’s life and the life experiences students lose within this rapid race. However, we feel, they could have gone for a healthy mix, instead of making a carpet ban of computers. What do you think?

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