Know Which Carrier Would Be the Best for Your New iPad

March 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has rolled out its first 4G LTE enabled device, and now the ball is in your court. As both Verizon and AT&T are offering a 4G LTE network and the new iPad has hit both the networks, which one you will pick?

We will enlighten you about different factors to consider before leaping for either of the carriers.

Picking AT&T depends on your purpose and interests. Do you need to be hooked on to Wi-Fi always? Looking for cheaper data plans? Go for AT&T, since it offers the best Wi-Fi coverage and the cheapest data plan so far with its $15 for 250 MB.

Moreover, it offers a $30 data plan, but offers 3GB data usage where Verizon gives you just 2 GB for that money. On stability too, it is great with less outages so far. Moreover, if you want to experiment, do it for 14 days and give it back for a 10 percentage restocking fee.

But wait, since AT&T is just stepping into expanding their 4G coverage and is far behind (one-seventh the footprint) Verizon. Its personal hot-spot feature for iPad is yet to be enabled.

On data plans, you need to be think extreme with no stop between the 250 MB plan and 3 GB plan. At the real extreme too, AT&T may let you down with its maximum limit of 5 GB where it is 10 GB in Verizon.

Moreover, if you go to another country with an AT&T iPad, the carrier has yet to confirm whether they will allow you to unlock it or use another SIM.

Picking Verizon too, depends on your purpose and interests. But Big Red leads 4G coverage with 7 times more 4G cities than AT&T. They are expanding too.

Here you get 10 GB plan for $80 and hot-spot facilities for the iPad to tether up to five devices with no additional fee and can unlock it on international journeys after two weeks of the Friday launch.

However, jamming and outages are a usual case with Verizon’s 4G network. No cheaper data plan like AT&T for $15. If you return the iPad after a 14-day period, Big Red takes $70 off of you for restocking.

We are surprised that AT&T is even offering a 250 MB plan for $15 with the new iPad. If you do decide to choose such a plan, be prepared for some extreme data overage charges as it is really easy to use up that amount of data, especially at 4G speeds. Just be grateful the new iPad does not have Siri as that 250 MB wouldn’t last long at all.

Now, tell us, which one do you prefer?

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