Barnes & Noble Nook Tablets Now Offer More Space for User Content

March 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Good news for owners of 16 GB Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble. The company has at last decided to allow you to use more storage space on the device than in the past.

If you own one of such devices and want more space for your own storage needs, go to one of the Barnes & Noble stores and find a trained Nookseller – he will help you reallocate the additional memory on your device.

So far the Nook tablets allowed only 1 GB of the 16 GB internal storage of the tablet for side-loaded content. This policy was extremely disappointing since even after having 15 GB of the memory remaining on the system you had no options but to spend bucks on microSD cards if the 1 GB space was not sufficient for you.

With the in-store memory repartition program, Barnes & Noble allows users to access up to 8 GB of the internal storage capacity of the tablet for side-loaded content. 5.5 GB space will be reserved for content from B&N-like apps, e-books and magazines.

For the 8 GB version of the device, now the company allows 4 GB space for user content.

Now your Nook tablet is more spacious than ever. So start dragging loads of music and movies or whatever you need without cursing the 1 GB limit.

To add to the news, B&N has also updated their Nook for Android app so that Android tablet users with 7 inch or 10 inch devices can access their comics, graphic novels, and manga. It also allows you to add and edit credit card info with ease.

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