LG Lines Up 47 and 55-inch TV Models for Roll Out During First-Half of 2012

March 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The popularity of HDTVs and 3D TVs are just on the rise. Almost all manufacturers seem to have realized the potential and are now focused more on developing Smart TVs that dole out an enhanced viewing experience so as to lure customers.

The latest we hear on that front concerns LG’s plans to introduce new 47- and 55-inch TV models in the first half of 2012. The South Korean electronics giant had already showcased many new technologies especially in their TV and smartphone products.

So it is expected that the company will be bringing wonderful features in the two new TV models.

Along with this, LG will also be launching high-end edge-lit 3D smart TV products in Taiwan during the second quarter of 2012. It is believed that the new 3D smart TVs will reach the Taiwanese market with a price close to the price of LED TVs.

Meanwhile, another South Korean company, Samsung, is reported to be concentrating more on the sales of direct-lit LED TVs. The company will be releasing the LED TV models ranging from 26-65 inches in size.

The buzz in the industry is that the price difference between Samsung’s LED backlight modules and CCFL backlight units are narrowing down.

Post March, we might even get to see the price of direct-lit LED TVs and CCFL-backlit products getting to almost the same. If this happens, it is anticipated that the LED backlight products will be more favored.

The current LED-backlit product shipment volume is 50 percent. In second-half of 2012, the shipment amount is expected to go above 60 percent. Don’t you think the Smart TV market is getting smarter than ever before?

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