HTC One S Black Shell Secret Revealed in Video

March 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When HTC came out with some of the most awaited cute devices at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, we were more than excited.

Among many of the novelties of the devices in the One series, the ceramic style body of HTC One S indeed caught our eyes and hearts. Now HTC has revealed the material and the special process which help them make the ceramic look and feel.

The metal unibody shell of the HTC One S is made from aircraft grade aluminum. But it is not the usual aircraft aluminum.

Before putting it to surround the Ice Cream Sandwich core of the HTC One S, the Taiwanese phone maker has made the single piece of aluminum to go through a process called micro arc oxidation.

Micro arc oxidation is no small business. The aluminum shell is slammed with an unimaginable 10000 volts of energy which make the piece of metal to become black and smooth, as you feel it while handling a HTC One S.

So, that means the color and smoothness you feel is not a polishing finish on top of the metal, but it is the original metal after treatment that gives the look and feel.

Apart from adding smoothness and shining color, micro arc oxidation makes the metal piece five time stronger despite being thinner.

The company claims that the strong body enables HTC One S to survive without a separate case. Moreover, the oxidation process will make the shell more durable than the original aluminum.

Now watch the oxidation process here in the video below.


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