Apple iPad with Retina Display Arrives this Friday; But You Will Have to Wait for Matching Apps

March 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The hottest topic of discussion of this month is, obviously, the Retina Display of the new iPad from Apple. The iGiants at Cupertino have shown off some apps on the Retina Display of the new iPad to demonstrate the extra visual feel during its launch.

But if you want to experience the same with your favorite apps when you go for the new iPad on this Friday, you will have to wait for more months, it seems.

Getting Retina Display ready versions of apps is a business that is about both time and size factors. Developers are working overtime to update their apps to have the extra graphical properties to tap the benefits of the enhanced display of the new iPad.

The new Retina Display automatically renders the text in such a way to match the high resolution display. But graphical parts of the apps will not be rendered this way, so developers should work themselves to add it to the app meant for the new iPad. It is a time consuming business.

Apple’s own apps like Pages – the word processor in iWork suite – have already upgraded to match the needs of the Retina Display but the additional graphics load has made them bigger in size.

Pages have gone from 95 MB to 269 MB. Same is the case with similar apps. Numbers – the spread sheet app – has jumped from 109 MB to 283 MB.

It will affect the user in two ways – longer download times and need for more storage space. Apple has increased the over-the-air data limit to 50 MB for 3G and 4G devices from a 20 MB point to balance the longer download time but storage space is still your issue to solve.

In short, to have the Retina Display experience, both developers and users have to pay it in some way.

No third party developers are ready to give a fixed date about when they will roll out a Retina Display version of their app. Well, that means you are not going to get the full Retina Display feel on Friday, wait a little more.

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