PayPal Dongle Coming to Help Mobile Transactions

March 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like Pay Pal is on an expansion mode. We hear they are all set to roll out a dongle that will allow small business owners to use their smartphones or similar devices to accept credit card transactions.

Though the company is yet to confirm it officially, we get to know that they will be rolling it out very soon.

To be precise, the launch will happen this Thursday, at an event scheduled to take place in San Francisco. The product, when rolled out, is expected to raise challenges to similar services which exist now. Square, Intuit and VeriFone presently provide similar services to small business customers.

PayPal has been showing much ambition to expand more into the credit card territory with some of their notable moves. Recently, they were found running a test in San Francisco Bay Area for its latest program which helps user to pay for their purchases using their PayPal card or a mobile phone and a PIN number.

During the test, the service was available in the Home Depot stores in the area only. The company later made it clear that they are planning to add around 20 more retailers into their network and is going to make their presence felt nationally.

The new dongle and app from PayPal is expected to be similar to that of Square which presently allows the small business owners to use a card reader and associated iOS app to accept payment from users with an iPad or iPhone.

Customers can then confirm the transaction by signing in the app. With PayPal also moving in that direction, retailers’ paper-based cash registers may be swiped away forever.

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