Apple iPhone Half Mug Case Makes Your Device Fall into a Mug

March 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iPhones are cute devices – no argument on that. They are slim and Apple has pooled a lot of intellectual resources from the best team of designers to decide the form factor and visual appeal of such a device. But certain design ideas feel that it can still accommodate more.

So we found a peculiar, rather weird iPhone case which looks like a half mug. The half mug iPhone case makes it looks like your iPhone has fallen in to a mug.

Though we found it odd, that is no reason for us to overlook the pros and cons of such a case.

Well, on the positive side, it can also work as a shock absorber in case you drop your iPhone. The cup handle allows it to be placed and held in a number of ways which is otherwise not possible with anything like an iPhone with a plain straight thin body.

The cup handle can well be used for keeping the device in a slated position comfortably for typing or viewing the content on its hands free.

Moreover, the handle could be the right place where you can just wrap the headphones around.

However, we can’t help say that it makes your iPhone anything but bulky and odd-looking. Don’t ever think of putting it in your pocket again.

And just think of holding a cup on its handle and placing it on your ear to talk. And for that you need to pay $22. Is this a horrid design, or not?

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