Apple 7 Inch Tab Rumor Still Alive; May Look to Beat Kindle Fire

March 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The gadget world is full of ironies. We thought Apple finds no real rivals in the smartphone and tablet markets. However, a potent rival is up against iPad from the Android stable.

But it is not a flagship Android tab manufactured by a major gadget manufacturer, but the Kindle Fire tablet from book seller Amazon. Now it seems Kindle Fire is the target for many.

We told you earlier about rumors that said Google has approached Asus to make a 7 inch tab for $199 to beat the Kindle Fire since the absence of full Android ecosystem is restricting Google from tapping any revenue from the amazing market performance of the Kindle Fire. Now new rumors say that Apple is also mulling over creating a 7 inch tab with a cheaper price tag.

As per grapevine murmur, the 7 inch tab from Apple will not have the Retina Display and many other elite features, and it will head to the lower-end of the market with a $249 to $299 price range.

Though the rumor about Apple making a 7 inch, cheaper tablet has been around for a while, it comes across as the most difficult one for us to believe, since we have not seen Apple reversing its product lineup anytime except in the case of the earlier MacBook which was declared dead in favor of a cheaper white plastic MacBook.

Moreover, Apple’s strategy has never sold lower priced products to a large number of users to make profit, but prefers the higher end of the market from which to reap the harvest.

To add to it, the popular iPad 2 is slashed to a $399 with the arrival of the new iPad. So there are no chances left for such a cheaper tab in the immediate future. However, a rumor is a rumor and it is about how you take it.

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