US Army Weapon Creates Invisible Rays That Force Targets to Flee

March 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember we had earlier reported how Japanese researchers developed a gun that could silence people without killing them. Now, US army researchers have come out with an invisible ray emitting weapon, which will not kill people, but will make them flee.

A recently revealed US army weapon, dubbed Active Denial System, emits strong electromagnetic heat waves that will cause no severe physical injury to the targets but will force them to flee the range of the rays as fast as possible.

Though developed some 15 years ago, it was never used in war situations, except for one deployment in Afghanistanin 2010.

The most interesting thing is that nobody can see them, hear them, but can just feel them. Basically the rays are heat waves, which make humans or living creatures to feel uncomfortable and leave the place.

The weapon, known as the safest non-lethal weapon to be developed by the army, has not produced a single casualty during its 11,000-or-so experimental exposures. As per military sources, only two people suffered burns, but were medically curable.

Though a military weapon now, it can come in handy for police departments to handle riot situations in public areas, since it will be effective in dispersing the public without causing injuries.

However, other applications include denying entry to an area, check point security and protecting certain infrastructure. The repellent effect is active within 1,000 meters according to military claims. However to prevent any mishap, the gun’s trigger has an auto shut off at every 3 seconds.

The nature of deployment also makes it extremely portable in use, with its ability to be mounted on a truck or similar vehicles. Since it makes use of rays with 95 GHz frequency, it doesn’t cause internal or serious burns like a microwave oven, which too function in the same way, but with powerful 1 GHz rays.

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