Toshiba 55-Inch Glasses-Free 3D TV Coming to UK Shores; Tracks Your Face for Maximum Effect

March 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those of you who have been in front of a 3D monitor from Toshiba would agree that the product has been awesome. Toshiba is now set to launch their new 3D TV product outside of their home market.

The Japanese company will be releasing a new glasses-free 3D TV in the UK shortly. The 55-inch Toshiba television would be the first large-screen, glasses-free 3D TV in the world, and the glasses-free product will be coming at a price of around £7000 (around $10,000).

One interesting aspect about the 3D TV is that the new glasses-free product follows the movements of viewers’ faces and produces the picture accordingly. The new 3D TV is equipped with a technology that identifies and tracks the viewers’ faces, even when they change their positions.

Once face detection is done, the technology will send slightly different images to the left and right eyes of the viewers thereby producing maximum 3D effect.

Back in October 2010, Toshiba first introduced two glasses-free 3D TV sets in Japan: one was a 12-inch device while the other was a 20-inch product. Unfortunately, the products were unsuccessful in the Japanese market due to the high cost and small size.

We also saw that the TVs offered poor video quality when the viewers were not looking directly head-on at the display.

With that in mind, Toshiba will, this time around, have to work hard to lure customers towards its new 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV as their 3D technology doesn’t enjoy much popularity. It has been revealed that the new Toshiba product will reach other markets by the year-end. Look forward to the arrival.

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